March 19, 2007

Baby Shower

March 10 was my baby shower. It was tons of fun, though I was a bit stressed out just before it began because Kenna needed to eat and was still having her nursing issues. However, she did manage to consume enough milk to fall asleep and stay asleep during the whole event, so she got passed around to everyone and of course was the star of the show. We had wondered whether March 10 was a reasonable date for the shower in the first place, as it was just 2 days before my due date. However, since my mom came into town on March 6, I thought it would be nice for her to be able to attend. She hasn't ever been at any of my baby showers before, so March 10 it was. We figured we could reschedule if worst came to worst! As it turned out, it was the perfect date since little Kenna was a week and a half old by then!

My friends Debi and Sarah coordinated the shower. Debi is the event planner extraordinaire. If you ever need a party planned, this is the woman to contact! (This picture of her and Kenna is just too precious!) Debi hosted a birthday party for me in November that was so beautiful and fun, and the shower was the same. She chose pink and brown for our colors and made the most adorable invitations. She found the cutest decorations, cups, plates, etc, and the cake was beautiful. She thought it would be fun to do a brunch, which was a perfect idea, I thought. We enjoyed breakfast casseroles, fruit, and banana bread and chatted for awhile at the beginning. I think around 16 ladies came. Charis was also least for part of the shower. She was bored by the grown-up talk and ended up reading in the family room until it was time to eat or open gifts!

Sarah was in charge of the games. There was an interesting trivia quiz, during which we were all shocked to learn that the mother on record as having given birth to the most children had...drum roll, please...SIXTY-NINE babies! Apparently it was a Russian woman who had many sets of twins, several sets of triplets, and quads as well, just for good measure. I'd have to check with Sarah for the details, but that just makes me tired thinking of it! We also played Family Feud with various baby questions for the "survey says." It was fun doing something besides the typical games played at showers. Then we cut into this scrumptious cake that you can see in the picture with Sarah, Charis, and me. Yum!

And of course we opened presents. Mostly we got tons of adorable baby outfits, which is wonderful, because we had given away just about all the girl clothes in newborn through size 2T. Plus, Charis was born in the fall and spent winter in Idaho, so I don't know that many of her first-year clothes would have been appropriate for Kenna, anyway. We did get a few packs of diapers, always welcome, and other fun towels and washclothes, wrist rattles, bath toys, bibs, a pink, girly Boppy cover, etc. Sarah and her family ordered a beautiful personalized quilt with Kenna's name and birthdate on it. It comes in a matching bag. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture on my camera of the blanket, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it's terribly cute and of course very special.

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tina said...

I love the picture of the 3 of you at the top--Big Sister looks SO proud, and you look great! Congratulations again!