March 25, 2007

Thanks, Mom!

My mom was here to help out from March 6 - 20. I'm so glad Kenna arrived early so that Mom could enjoy time with the baby instead of the hanging-out-waiting-for-me-to-go-into-labor phase. She was such a great help, and I miss her already...and not just because I don't get to nap every day. :-)

Here are a couple of photos we took last Sunday before we went to church. You can see Tobin is still a clown when posing for pictures! He insisted on wearing his Easter outfit to church last week, and I didn't object. Who knows how long he'll actually WANT to dress up?!

Charis's cute little smile cracks me up because Mom and I know what really happened right before the photo shoot...I had asked one of the kids to get the newspaper from the driveway and take it to the garage. Tobin and Charis both rushed for the paper, and Tobin won, triumphantly carrying it into the garage. Charis had a fit!! In the first pictures we took, she looks like we just fed her a lemon. I told her she needed to stop pouting and at least try to look happy, and she began wailing that SHE was the one I had asked to get the paper, NOT Tobin, and it wasn't FAIR! (I probably did ask her to get the paper...I don't remember, but it does sound like something Tobin would do--run ahead and do the job for her just to make her mad.) Finally, in frustration, I threw the paper back into the driveway and said, "Fine. If you're so upset about not getting the paper, then here's your chance to go get it!"

Immediately the tears stopped, and she happily ran to get the paper. After depositing it back into the garage, she was all smiles. Mom and I had to shake our heads and laugh at the silliness of it all!

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