May 02, 2006


Having a running partner is either going to kill me or else really get me in shape! I ran over 3 miles with Sarah Sunday evening, 2 of them up and over a nearby bridge that gave us both quite a workout.

This morning we planned to meet bright and early as part of our renewed commitment to exercising consistently. I felt like a penguin as I plodded down the street towards "our corner" where we usually meet. I figured we'd go about 2 miles or so, for a total of 2 3/4 or 3 by the time I got back home. Little did I know what Sarah had been cooking up!

"Ya think you're up for 4 miles this morning?" she asked when I met her. Yikes!

Since we had gotten up and going by 5:45, I had the time...but did I have the stamina?! Sure enough, we made it. I didn't go with her all the way back to our corner, choosing instead to run a more direct route home, but still, all told, I ran 4.5 miles this morning! Not bad, considering I had only planned on 3 at the most!

I'm thankful for a friend like Sarah, who encourages and challenges me to do more than I would have thought I could possibly do. Don't tell anyone, but a small part of me is actually starting to like running!

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Sarah said...

Hee! I'm JUST catching up on your blog and other web surfing I haven't done in weeks!
Isn't it strange how you DO get to enjoy running? Who would have guessed! I'm glad YOU'RE glad we are running partners. :)