May 17, 2006

House Update

OK, in the midst of all my drama, we are still working towards our move-out/move-in date of June 1! Our "dream house" is indeed the one that we get to move into, and I am very excited. Our application was officially accepted yesterday, and Friday afternoon we go to the office to sign the paperwork.

Yesterday around 11 a.m. I got a call from the realtor who is listing the house we are currently living in. He wanted to come do measurements of the rooms and take pictures for the web site. Yikes! He said he'd be here at 4:00. So I immediately became a whirlwind cleaning maching! (This was a good thing--it got my mind off my depression and helped me focus on something tangible.) I should have taken before and after pictures. ;-) Seriously, my house looks wonderful now, and should a realtor need to show it to anyone, provided my children don't move in the next 2 weeks, we should be good to go! Ha!

Anyway, I was able to de-clutter a lot of areas and help the rooms look bigger, etc. So when the realtor finally arrived at 5:15 p.m., he told me that he had actually found pictures from the last time the house was sold, so he didn't need to take any! Whew, sure wish I had known that BEFORE busting my tail to get the house looking so good! Oh, well. At least the yard is mowed and the house looks great. It's been too long since I had mopped last anyway. :-)

So the house is already listed, but I am hoping that perhaps we can get away with no showings until we're out of here. Is that possible in the Las Vegas market?! Some folks have asked if we would want to purchase this house, since it's in a foreclosure situation and is listing for less than the value. The answer is a resounding NO. First of all, even at "less than market value," this house is much more than we can afford to buy! For those who aren't familiar with the LV market, this home is nearly 2100 square feet and is being listed at $360,000--which is LESS than the owner purchased it for!!! So, no, we are not going to buy it! With only 2 years left in Las Vegas, and maybe even less, there is no way we are going to get ourselves tangled up in home ownership.

Besides, we now know that we can rent a much bigger house on a corner lot with a huge yard! Tee hee! God works in mysterious ways. If you are on our email list, you'll get our new address once we actually sign the paperwork. We may change our phone number, too, but we're still not sure about that.

We thank the Lord for providing such a wonderful house for us to live in these past 9 months, and we thank Him for providing another wonderful house for us to--prayerfully--live in the next 2 years, or for however long we are here.


Bob & Claire said...

The Lord has brought you to mind several times the past few days, and I've been praying for you. It sounds like it's been really rough, and I'm so sorry. Maybe the Lord orchestrated the whole move thing just so you would have something to do to distract yourself? All that cleaning and decluttering is what needs to get done here. Sigh. I need to fool myself into thinking that a real estate agent is on his way over in a few hours--maybe that would do the trick for me too!

Beverly said...

Thanks, Claire. I am grateful for the chance to move, even though it will be a lot of work and was certainly a shock. Now I'm just eager to get settled into our new home!

And I promise I will do my "B" list of words soon! I've been mulling them over...I want to find a few unique words, since right now the ones I am thinking of are very normal, everyday words, which is fine, too! Should be a fun post, and I hope I get some people who want to do it, too!

Jamie said...

No wonder you have been on my heart. I will keep praying for you. I really wish we could be there to help with the move. Take care and if you need me let me know. I went through the entire depression thing and am finally doing so much better. We love you so much!