May 24, 2006

A Challenge

Every month I receive an e-newsletter from Steve & Teri Maxwell, the authors of Managers of Their Homes, an excellent resource for home schooling moms (and beneficial for non-home schooling moms as well!). I was extremely challenged by the June article for moms and thought I would post the link here in case anyone else might like to read it. I find myself struck to the core every time I read one of their articles, because they really hit me where I need it most!

The June article talks about self-discipline...or lack of it. It is well worth the read if you have ever found yourself thinking, "Why can't I just do what needs to be done?!" Teri Maxwell believes that the issue for us as adults is not necessarily a lack of self-discipline but rather a problem with obedience. Ouch! How sobering to realize that my decisions such as whether to get up on time, whether to check my email or read blogs, etc. are not as simple as "I'll do what I feel like doing, when I feel like doing it." It's a matter of, "Am I being obedient to what the Lord wants me to do with my time?"

There is a time for email and a time for reading blogs, but honestly...I spend way too much time doing these things. Right now, for instance, I should be out in the garage sorting through things for our sale on Friday, or perhaps putting books in boxes. So, on that note, I will close here and go do what I need to do!

P.S. If you read the whole article, I'd love it if you left a comment here to let me know what you thought of it!


Kim said...

WOW! It does make you think. I saved it to my favs and plan to purchase some of the books.

Bob & Claire said...

Ooh, that was challenging. Even though I have the boys do chores, they still really struggle with self-discipline, and so do I. I guess that is a pretty deep part of our sin nature.

I hope you get a lot of packing and sorting done today!!

Jamie said...

We just had a big discussion in the car about how none of us are picking up after ourselves and how we are all going to start chores in the next few days. What a blessing to read this article and have a basis for really pushing ahead. I feel very moved right now to get to doing the stuff I have been putting off. I now see procrastination as not being obedient and plan to adjust according. Thanks again Beverly for knowing what I needed to read in my life!