May 05, 2006

English Lessons

A couple of funnies from the kids...

1. Last weekend Ted's brother Joel came to visit us. He and Tobin were playing catch with some stuffed something or other. Tobin kept exclaiming, "I catched it!" Joel helped him learn the past tense of "catch" and practiced with him a bit. Tobin was getting the hang of the right word, and then he announced, "Look! I'm caughting it!"

2. Yesterday morning Charis and I were going over one of her last AWANA verses for the year. It was "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." She asked what "forsake" means, and I told her it meant to leave or go away from. Her face lit up with understanding. "Oh!" she said. "Daddy forsakes us every morning when he goes to work!" Obviously Mom needed to clarify a little! I can't have my child running around telling people that her father forsakes his family!

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