May 07, 2006

Sunny Saturday

OK, so just about every day in Las Vegas is sunny, but yesterday was a gorgeous day all around!

I started the day bright and early--Ted and I had intended to sleep in, but we ended up waking close to the usual time. He's getting more and more like his dad (who used to wake at 4:30 a.m.) every day!

Sarah and I had planned a 6-mile run, so I picked her up at 6:45 and we drove to the parking lot of Smoothie King. We had a great run, and once again I beat my farthest distance to date. It's so much easier running with a partner! I would never be going these distances (let alone be this consistent in exercising) if I didn't have her to spur me on. We treated ourselves to a smoothie after we were done, the perfect way to end a run that lasted approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes!

Meanwhile, back at home, all the kids were also rising and shining. There is NO sleeping in at this house! Just wait 'til the kids are teens, though, and I'm sure Ted and I can have some fun then. ;-) Ted was valiantly attempting to put graphics into the Commission Bible study, for which I have finished writing the text. (There may be revisions, but at least we have a working draft.) However, the kids were, well, being kids, and it was extremely difficult for Ted to get much done.

I showered and packed a picnic lunch for the kids and myself, and then we went to the park and met our neighbors Lyn and her 4 girls there. The kids played, played, and played some more. The park is a smaller one, so not so crowded--in fact, we were the only ones there for awhile. The park has a tarp-covered play area plus a water play area, with fountains and giant water guns, pouring buckets, etc. The kids loved being able to get their swim suits on for the first time this season and run around! Lyn and I had fun visiting and watching them.

A little while after we had (mostly) eaten our lunch, Ken and Sarah and their kids joined us. I had called to tell Sarah that Lyn and I were going to the park and to invite them to come with us, and we were all glad it worked out for them to come. I ended up calling Ted around 2 p.m. to see if he wanted to take a break and come join us, so he did. All in all, we were at the park for 4 hours! And Ted did get a lot of work done on the Bible study, so that's good. Our goal is to get it mailed before Memorial Day weekend.

After we got home and unloaded all our stuff, Ted gave the kids their baths while I got an hour-long nap. Nice! Then we decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Yummy! We got home around 6:45 p.m., read stories, and put the kids straight to bed. With no nap on Friday or yesterday, plus all the activity, they conked right out! Poor little Arden actually fell asleep in the van on the way to the restaurant and didn't wake up when I unbuckled him and carried him through the parking lot!

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