April 10, 2015

Mediterranean Cruise: Day 5 (Heraklion)

Another early morning coffee and quiet time in the cafeteria with Ted. I usually get a 3-5 hour stretch of sleep--blissful--and then wake about once an hour the rest of the night, usually because of Seanin's noises. I guess I should just wear ear plugs!

We didn't have to rush anywhere today, and to avoid the chaos of the cafeteria, we tried the sit-down, full-service restaurant. Oh, my! I don't think we will go back! SOOO nice not to be scrambling for places to sit together, then rushing all over the buffet areas to get food for everyone. It was delightful.

We had to load onto shuttle buses to get off the docking area, per the regulations of the isle of Crete, so we had a bit of a wait but not too bad. We took the bus to the Knossos Palace. At 1.50 euro per ticket (6 and under were free), it was an inexpensive and easy way to travel. Maybe the ride was about 40 minutes or so? At the site, we hired a private guide, joining with another family, also military (Army) and also on our cruise ship. The cost was only 30 euro per FAMILY. I can't believe the company I researched before leaving for our vacation quoted me a tour price of 720 euro!! Good grief!

The tour was wonderful. We got so much more out of it with having the guide. I posed the kids for some pictures with their Sonlight books. :-) The tour was about an hour long, and then we took the bus to the city square and got lunch as we were all so hungry. (It was about 2pm by this time.) The food was great, but unfortunately the museum we planned to see afterward--with all the original items from the palace we had just heard about--closed at 3pm! Our waitress told us about 6 or 7:00 was the closing time. Clearly we should have checked. That was a big disappointment, but it did give us plenty of time to wander and shop our way back to the port! Seanin was more than ready for a nap, poor baby, but he was such a trooper all day. Ted's back may be in agony, though, after carrying him in the backpack all day!

Now as I write this it's nearly dinnertime--hooray! I'm so very hungry, even though we had a late lunch. Ted and I shared a Greek salad and a chicken kebab plate...guess it's gone after all that walking! The show tonight is a Frank Sinatra tribute, so we will skip and go to bed early again, since it's not particularly something we'd be interested in.

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a LONG time now, probably about 4-5 years, but this is the first time I have commented.

I remember your daughter from Bible bee group nights in Xenia OH - I think it was back in 2011.

So cool that you are all living in Italy now, what a great experience that must be!

And... you should do a BB post as I saw that you daughter made it to Nationals last year!

in Christ,