April 10, 2015

Mediterranean Cruise: Day 3 (At Sea)

Our cabins:
Grandma J, Arden, and Kenna on deck 10
Ted, Tobin, and Lucan on deck 8
Beverly, Charis, Zaden, and Seanin on deck 8 (opposite side of the ship from the boys)

It was good to have a day to finish figuring things out on the ship--it was chaos trying to coordinate everyone, running around looking for "lost" people and "lost" cruise cards (one found, one really lost).

At least the day started a bit better--Ted and I met early for cappuccinos and quiet time. I went running in the fitness center 25 minutes (until the treadmill kicked me off) and then about 15 minutes on the jogging deck. It was sunny and cool and windy--I loved it! I was the only one running up there, and it was beautiful. I helped shuffle kids around a bit before showering and breakfasting.

The kids swam, explored the ship some more, played with their new friends, and who knows what else. I was desperate for Seanin to nap, which he did very little of!

It was a formal night, so we all dressed up for dinner. Zaden managed to break a glass in our cabin while I was drying my hair. Never a dull moment...

Dinner was good, except that Ted's stomach was not doing well. I don't know if he got what we all had last week [we were hit with a stomach bug that floored me during Rhonda's arrival...thank the Lord for a friend who was able to go pick her up from their airport!] or something different, but he didn't eat much. Seanin held off his big poop until after dinner this time, ha! Zaden was manic after drinking some Sprite, running around the table and hugging on Mr. Molina, our server, who obviously adores Zaden. Zaden had recognized him earlier in the day at the cafeteria, lighting up when he saw Edwin, which I think made him feel good! My heart hurts for Edwin and his family, though, as he is away from home 9 months at a time. He has a 4-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl.

Since Ted wasn't feeling well, he rested in our cabin with the little boys, who were more than ready for bedtime, while the rest of us went to see the "Zorro" show. Great acrobatics! The kids really enjoyed it, and it was so fun to see their faces and reactions. Lucan liked the fake sword fights! I enjoyed the African pole climbing team.

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