May 17, 2015

Mediterranean Cruise: Day 6 (Rhodes)

Sigh. I doubt I will ever get caught up on this blog!! Continuing from my journal of our cruise adventures over the 2014 Christmas holiday...but oh, we have had SO many adventures since then that I would like to chronicle!! But...pressing on to finish what I've started...

Ted and I were together for our now-routine morning coffee/quiet time date when we pulled into the port of Rhodes, and we fell in love immediately! The medieval, walled portion of the city sprawled out before us, inviting us to come and explore. The sun was shining, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sadly, Tobin wasn't feeling well at breakfast and opted to stay in the cabin and rest and read. It was a shame--I think he really would have enjoyed this stop!

We first went to a museum housed in a 14th-century hospital--the building itself was so beautifully gothic and fun to explore, let alone all the cool things we saw inside! Arden asked to be our photographer, so we turned him loose with the camera for much of the tour. The kids got squirrelly by the end, but we saw everything that was open before walking up the "Street of Knights" to the palace. We decided to feed the kids before tackling that, rather to their chagrin (since we met up with friends who were going into the palace at that moment), but the half-sandwiches did tide us over, and we got a bit of shopping done to boot.

The palace was VERY cool! I loved the iron torch holders and the huge rooms. It didn't take long to see everything there was to see, so we had plenty of time to amble our way down the row of shops and make some purchases before getting back on board. We were able to put Seanin down for a much-needed nap and grab a late lunch, where Tobin joined us for his SECOND lunch looking much perkier. Grandma and Zaden rested in Grandma's cabin while Charis and I took turns with sleeping Seanin and the older kids swam.

Dinner was another formal affair, and quite yummy as usual. We gave a box of baklava to our server, letting Zaden (his favorite!) hand it to him. Edwin and Zaden are definitely special buddies!

Grandma took a turn with our little 2 boys so Ted and I could see the evening show with Arden, Charis, and Kenna. Tobin babysat Lucan, which was just as well--the show was a huge disappointment with only glimmers of appropriate family entertainment. We were more than ready for it to end!

[I'll have to post pics later...I'm using Ted's laptop because my screen is broken!]

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