April 10, 2015

Mediterranean Cruise: Day 2 (Genoa)

This day was kind of a wash. After an exhausting day, Seanin really needed to nap. It was cold, windy, and rainy in Genoa, and we weren't sure what to do in the city anyway, so we ended u wandering around and exploring the ship a bit. We let the kids swim before lunch while Seanin napped in the stroller (took awhile to get him to sleep!), and then we did lunch at the buffet. I took the little boys back to our room to nap, but Zaden is the only one who actually slept. Multiple interruptions kept our overstimulated Seanin very much awake!

Rhonda and Charis tried venturing off the ship but didn't get far and came back. The other kids swam some more with new friends Ben and Anna (Arden and Kenna's ages, roughly).

We made it for our 6:00 seating for dinner and had a lovely dining experience--IF you don't count the major poop blowout that Seanin had, resulting in both Ted and me carrying him back to the cabin for a bath and change of clothes in the middle of mealtime!! Considering his lack of sleep, Seanin did fairly well during dinner, but he was definitely ready for dinner afterward! I put him down while the other kids swam, and then Ted came to relieve me so I could go to the piano concert with Rhonda, Arden, and Charis. Unfortunately, it took me awhile to find the theater, so I was 15 minutes late and had no idea where they were sitting. But the pianist was amazing! I enjoyed the music anyway and did find the others afterward. We got gelato from a chintzy scooper and then called it a night.

Seanin FINALLY fell asleep in the stroller...for about a 45-minute nap...his only nap in two days!

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