April 10, 2015

Mediterranean Cruise: Day 4 (Katakolon)

Early morning date with my hubby! Cappuccino and quiet time in the cafeteria while everyone else slept. This time, though, Seanin came with us for breakfast! Since we were to be at our port from noon to 6pm, we decided to try to give Seanin a chance to nap in the morning. So the 3 of us had breakfast together before the craziness started. Ted took Seanin to the play room so I could help Zaden get some breakfast. Then we switched boys, and I spent awhile in our cabin bathroom so that Seanin would fall asleep for a morning nap. I T-Tapped in that tiny bathroom, then showered, then sat and prayed awhile! I'm not sure Seanin actually got a whole lot of sleep despite my efforts! Some of the kids ate a late breakfast so didn't want lunch. I think some of them may have gone swimming, too.

At any rate, we got off the ship and walked to the train station, not too far of a walk, to catch the 1:15 train to Olympia (which left late, sigh). It was about a 40-minute ride, a bit tedious with Seanin crawling on my lap, but he wasn't too bad. The village of Olympia was cute and easy to navigate. We stopped and spent about a half-hour in the Archimedes museum, where an enthusiastic curator showed us some fascinating inventions and told us about some of the mathematical and scientific principles discovered by Archimedes. Since the older boys had read about him earlier in the school year, it was really extra special to see their excitement. But we were left with little time in Ancient Olympia itself, as the train left at 3:45 and we had to allow 15 minutes to walk to it!

All told, we only had about 1.5 hours to see stuff...BUT...we saw stuff! We did kind of have to rush around, and without a guide, it was harder to really appreciate what we were looking at, but hey. Been there, done that, right?! Ancient Olympia, check! Thankfully, too, it was a beautiful, sunny day--evidence of much rain recently was obvious, and we were thankful for such nice weather.

The train ride back was uneventful, and we had a bit of time to enjoy cappuccinos and ice cream and do a bit of shopping before heading back to the ship for dinner. We were so glad Ted was feeling hungry again, since his stomach had been bothering him so badly the evening before! It was a great dinner, and we were relieved that Seanin made it with so little sleep all day. He ate and ate and ATE at dinnertime! We couldn't fill him up!

Since our following day's plan was pretty full, we opted to put everyone to bed (or quietly read) right after dinner. Ted and I sneaked out for a walk together and some uninterrupted conversation. Such a bummer to not be able to be in the same cabin! Maybe for our 25th anniversary we will take a Baltic cruise ALONE! :-)

Tobin loved the Archimedes museum!

Ted, Lucan, and Seanin by the remains of the Temple of Zeus, once one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

I do believe my boys could have spent a lot longer in this place...

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