August 14, 2011

Growing Up

Who took my baby girl and replaced her with such a sweet little young lady?!  Notice her hair is in ONE ponytail again--FINALLY!!

Kenna is truly growing up!  I can't get over how responsible and mature she has become.  (Don't get me wrong--we still have those Kenna moments, but they are NOTHING like her toddler years!)  She is very polite; I think she says, "Yes, ma'am" even more than Charis does, and that's saying something!  She is also a tremendous helper.  Because she is tall, she is often mistaken for a kindergartener (or at least a 5-year-old), so it makes me even more proud of her understanding and listening skills.  She is going to be a great help with the new baby and can't wait for him to arrive.

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