August 14, 2011

Girl Time

Having my mom here has been such a blessing!  Not only do I walk into the kitchen to find the dishes have magically been cleaned, but also I have been able to leave the house--ALONE! 

Last week I enjoyed some time to get groceries by myself on Tuesday, plus went to the first homeschool parent meeting Thursday evening and then out for coffee with a friend afterward.  Friday I met a friend for lunch at a favorite Indian restaurant, and then in the evening I went to a friend's house to scrapbook with her and her mom.  I actually got some more work done on Lucan's baby album, which I began shortly after we moved here in 2009 but haven't worked on in nearly 2 years!  Because I knew I'd be scrapping Friday night, I sorted through our photos and finished picking out the ones I wanted to include in his album, which is probably going to be much more of a hodge-podge than maybe my other baby albums, but hey, it's nearly completion now, so I don't really care!  And now that I've actually got the pictures printed out and the materials together, I'm hoping I'll be more likely to actually work on it and get it finished.  Maybe I'll have to schedule another girls' night out!

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