December 09, 2009


Lately it seems I've only jumped on the computer to check email (waiting for stamp club orders or messages from my hubby), do a super-quick Facebook check, or search for something specific online. I haven't read friends' blogs in ages, and I obviously am not keeping up with mine, LOL. I haven't even read Charis's latest blog entry!

Charis and I had a busy day yesterday. We spent most of it preparing projects for her craft fair--she had decorated some golden ornaments on her own beforehand, and she had also put together some paper ornaments. But everything else was done ON Tuesday, and the sale was that night! (The sale was supposed to be items made by kids, and it was through our homeschool group.) If you'd like to see her projects, you can go here. She sold $33.75 and chose to donate $26 of her earnings to the Sonlight OneVerse project. Friday is the deadline to donate so that Sonlight will match the funds, so if you're reading this before then, please consider buying a verse for the Meetto people!

Aside from frantically putting together crafts, we've just been plain busy enjoying the season. I did have a stamp club last weekend and a party Monday night for the club hostess, who wanted to invite some other friends over, so that kept me busier than I wanted to be this time of year...but hey, I need the sales. :-)

We got our Christmas tree delivered this year. The farm that sends us our weekly Happy Box delivered a ginormous tree for $40! It's bigger than any tree we've ever had! It arrived on Monday, and we just decorated it this evening. I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow. (I'll also have to arrange some ornaments tomorrow when the kids aren't looking, heh...some are clumped rather oddly around the very lowest branches! Thanks, Kenna!) The tree is beautiful and smells just like Christmas. I love the ornaments that Charis made (or embellished), as well as the ones I've made this year. I'll have to take close-up pictures of those, too!

Lucan is getting better...for now. He seems to make progress and then regress. For those who don't know, I took him to the doc on Friday, and he was diagnosed with RSV bronchialitis. (If that's how you spell it.) On Thursday he was refusing to nurse, but he has been doing much better, praise the Lord. His appetite is nearly normal, or at least, was pretty healthy today.

Speaking of nursing, Lucan is following Kenna's MO and officially stopped nursing on my right side. This has been a struggle since he was about 6 months old, just the same age as Kenna when she started heavily favoring my left side! She also quit my right side altogether around 8 months old. We were at my parents' house in WI for Thanksgiving when I tried for the last time and decided it was just not worth the stress. He has been a left-side-only eater ever since, and I am fine with that!

Arden lost his second tooth last night, and we think he swallowed it, because it is nowhere to be found. The tooth fairy has given up the element of surprise and simply forks over a dollar whenever a tooth is lost around here anymore. Both of the lost teeth came from the bottom, and both of them fell out AFTER the permanent teeth were already growing in behind. I'm hoping this doesn't cause difficulties later on...?!

Tobin's latest obsession is drawing his own Star Wars comic "books." He has spent an extraordinary amount of time doing this. I love that I can tell (mostly) which character is which, even though they are all very similar-looking stick figures. He colors them in, so Yoda is pretty easy to spot, LOL.

*****************'s been so long since I blogged, I nearly forgot to write about Charis's experience with Oz: The Musical. It was a GREAT performance! Very cute script. We ordered a DVD and will look forward to watching it with Charis, who didn't get to see anything at all other than the part she was on stage for. She was an adorable Munchkin and really enjoyed her experience.

This coming weekend I have a stamp camp that I'm doing with my downline, and after that, I have not scheduled a THING!! I hope to take and post more pictures, as we're taking school slowly and enjoying other activities, like games and holiday baking. Hope everyone else is enjoying the season and finding some special, quiet moments with the Savior.


My name is Debi said...

so funny about the kids rejecting your right side. Kate rejected my right side around 5 months old now my left side is larger as a result. There is probably TOO MUCH INFO, but just to let you know you are not the only one to have a child reject the right side!

Paul Merrill said...

Hey Beverly!

Thanks so much for your family's involvement in the Sonlight-OneVerse Project. It's exciting to be bringing God's Word together to the Meetto people of Mozambique.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Luke said...

Thank you, Charis, for your generosity in giving to the OneVerse Project!