December 19, 2009

Operation Gingerbread House

The homeschool skate day this month included a "Make and Skate" activity: making gingerbread houses! Each family was supposed to bring graham crackers for building their structures (or, for those who wanted to go the easy route, pre-made houses), plus candy to share. Several moms made icing, which we scooped up as needed. We "cheated" and used a pre-assembled house. Charis, Arden, and Kenna were the main decorators, since Tobin was too busy spending his quarters on video games to care much about the creative venture. Actually, Kenna was more interested in eating the house embellishments than decorating!

Apparently I do not have a photo of our completed house, but it won a "Most Beautiful" ribbon. :-) Every structure won a ribbon of some sort.

Anyway, the next day we pulled out our leftover frosting and candies, and I turned the kids loose with some graham crackers. They had a lot of fun building their houses (and eating pieces of them along the way!). I think next year we'll just skip the pre-made house and make our own out of crackers! Lots more fun, and definitely more edible, in my opinion.

Here are a few photos from our view more, see the Facebook album here.