December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Getting ready to open stockings! (Kenna is using my stocking...Mom doesn't get stocking stuffers anymore, LOL, and I'm behind in purchasing stockings for our latest additions...thankfully Lucan slept through this portion of Christmas morning, so didn't know he was missing out!)

Breakfast--yummy casserole from Debi's family recipe files.

Kenna got some ponies from her brothers (aka Dad--who gave up on having Tobin and Arden actually shop for their sisters and picked out the gifts himself--see post below!)

Tobin holds up the ship kit we got for the boys.

Arden shows off his new Star Wars figures.

More to's time to watch the new Veggie Tales Christmas DVD with the family. :-)

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Debi Joy said...

never a dull moment in the Jacobson Home!

I know what you mean about "ideal" vs "reality". Kev announced the week before Christmas that he would give Mom (me) a break from cooking Christmas dinner this year and would take us out to PF Changs (all our favs) for Christmas dinner. As we leave Avatar at 7 p.m. (the original plan was to go to the 2 o clock show and be done by 5 but the 2 oclock was sold out so we went to the 4 o clock show) our mouths are watering as we dream of lettuce wraps and potstickers. We drive down the street to find PF Changs CLOSED. An hour later after driving through town searching for ANY restaurant to be open...we realize that we ARE NOT IN VEGAS ANYMORE. Restaurants in Temecula close on christmas! We finally settled on fast food at 8 p.m. and take our "Christmas dinner" home to eat at 8:30 p.m. LOL!

P.S. Good to see you eating and enjoying my Mom's Christmas morning casserole. My kids boycotted it about 3 years ago so now I make sticky rolls!