December 02, 2009

Back Home

Whew, so much for catching up on my blog while we were in WI, LOL. We had a wonderful visit with my family, and I'm uploading pictures to Facebook right now. I'll post the links for my non-FB friends and family.

After a yummy dinner in New Glarus on Friday, our family headed back to Mom & Dad's house to put tired, cranky kids to bed and try to get some rest before our road trip the next day. The cold Kenna got was starting to make its rounds to the rest of us--poor Lucan got it then and is still dealing with crusty eyes and an equally crusty/runny nose. (OK, the rest of us are still dealing with headaches, plugged noses, coughs, etc., but it's just infinitely more pathetic when a baby is ill and doesn't understand why he feels so rotten.)

Our return trip passed pretty quickly--we made it here in about 8 hours, including stops. We got back early enough that I was able to hit the grocery store down the street while Ted and the kids unloaded all the stuff from the truck. We had frozen pizza (well, we cooked it first, ha) while watching Disney's version of Robin Hood, since we just finished the book on the road, part of our Sonlight reading.

Ted went to church Sunday to play guitar while I stayed home and tended sick kiddos and did laundry. It was a gorgeous day, so I did get out and go for a nice long walk, a nice change since it had been quite cold in Wisconsin. (Tobin even made a snowman on Thanksgiving Day!)

WI family pictures: Click here.

Thanksgiving celebration pictures: Click here.

Monday we started our school routine again, and it went more smoothly than I would have expected after being "off" for over a week. Tuesday evening started a run of 9 evenings in a row where some or all of us need to be out of the house. A quick rundown of our schedule so you can understand why I won't be blogging or Facebooking as much, ha!

Tuesday: Charis begins rehearsal for Oz: The Musical.

Wednesday: Leave the house at 4:30 to get Charis to rehearsal at 5; drive back across town to meet Ted for dinner; swap vehicles and take the boys to AWANA, then drive back across town to get Charis and return to church to pick up the boys, then home.

Thursday: PE in Kettering in the afternoon; Oz dress rehearsal in the evening.

Friday: Stamp club in the afternoon; Oz performance in the evening.

Saturday: Stamp club in the morning; Oz performance in the evening--with a sitter at home for Kenna and Lucan while the rest of us actually WATCH the show.

Sunday: Church in the morning; progressive dinner with growth group in the afternoon/evening with babysitters at home for the kids.

Monday: Stampin' Up! workshop in the evening.

Tuesday: Charis and I do a homeschool craft fair in the evening.

Wednesday: AWANA and growth group.

Thursday: First night at home in over a week!

Friday: Stamp camp prep at Charity's house.

Saturday: Stamp camp.

Sunday: Let the rest begin...


Ski said...

KNow how it goes! That was our Thanksgiving week, with dress rehersals on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, Thursday off and then two shows on both Friday and Saturday.Good luck to Charis! I hope she enjoys it as much as the girls enjoyed doing the Grinch. May you all stay healthy through this long week.

Heather said...

I could NOT handle that schedule. By day four I would be rocking and crying in a corner. You know it's true.

Tina Miles said...

Wow is that crazy! Our Awana takes off from Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas and I am SO thankful--especially this year! :)