December 30, 2009

Addendum to Kenna's Spotlight

A couple of other things that probably belong on Kenna's Spotlight post...

* Kenna is doing quite well with her potty training, although it definitely seems to be something that she does when she WANTS to. We have indeed cleaned more than our fair share of "accidents," but she does not feel chagrined when this happens, so I suspect she just likes causing us to stop what we're doing and clean up after her!

* She is a huge fan of being a kitchen helper. Whenever she sees that I'm doing something in the kitchen, she runs to get her "tool" (stool), shouting, "I hep you!" I just have to be careful to keep her initiative in check or she's liable to add extra ingredients when I'm not looking!


taylordi said...

At about the same age, Meghan dumped about 1/4 a jar of nutmeg into our pumpkin cookies. Have fun with the cooking, she may turn into a very inventive cook if you can survive the trials.

Megan said...

She sounds sooooo much like Sela, even down to the lack of interest in toys as a tot. LOL