August 22, 2009


Decor Elements in Charis & Kenna's room, the bathroom, and Tobin & Arden's room. I haven't purchased any for Lucan's room...yet. :-) They're so inexpensive and easy to put up, I wouldn't be surprised if I decide to decorate his room after all! If anyone would like to see a Definitely Decorative mini-catalog from Stampin' Up!, please leave me a comment and I'll mail one to you if you're not local! Free applicator with purchase!


Debi Joy said...

WOW!!! I so love that you are embrassing decorating your new home. The decor elements make it so easy! Can't wait to get some for our new house! What a great way to show your customers the product than to say "I love this so much I put it on my walls"

Janet said...

I was wondering what was all in that book and looked online. I had no idea they had stencils! I love it!! I will be asking Bev. C for a catalog so I can order some. Love what you did to your room as well as the kids, looks great.