August 20, 2009

Of Bubbles and Bloopers

Our new master bath has a jacuzzi whirlpool tub, a feature I was most excited to enjoy after we moved in. But upon discovering green flakes blasting out of the jets, I decided perhaps I wasn't in such a hurry to soak after all. Never fear, Ted to the rescue. He googled "How to Clean Jacuzzi Bathtubs" and decided tonight was the night.

The instructions stated we were to run very hot water in the tub, adding a cup of bleach and 4 teaspoons of dish soap to the running water so that it would all be mixed in. Then we were to turn on the jets and let them run for 15 minutes, which would allow the bleach and dish soap to run through the jets and clean them out. Dutifully Ted retrieved the necessary items and turned on the jets.

Unfortunately, the web site gave no instructions for containing the bubbles. The foam grew...and grew...and grew...and the kids delightedly joined us in the bathroom, where we used two buckets and 6 little hands to scoop out as much froth as possible. It was like a scene out of a sit-com! Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere! All over the floor, rising in the shower, filling both sinks, on the boys' nightshirts...

Despite all the scooping, it soon became clear that we could not continue. The jets were stopped while we took a break to get the kids in bed. Perhaps later we could continue our quest for a clean tub.

But no--upon our return a half hour later, Ted started the jets only to watch the bubble foam rising yet again. He began blowing on it, as you would blow on a pot of boiling pasta to keep it from running over, only the tub is so much bigger than a pot! Much giggling ensued. I suggested the shop vac, while he wanted something immediately handy...which should explain the photo here. Yup, that's my man, holding the bubbles at bay with my hair dryer. My hero!


Anonymous said...

Don't drop it, Ted!! Zap!!
When I read "2 teaspoons of dish soap", I groaned. I think whoever posted that did it as a joke. Any amount of dish soap + jetting water = disaster!!

Now google "how to get dish soap residue out of jacuzzi". :)

Janet said...

That is too funny...LOL What a site to have seen :D

Debi Joy said...

Reminds me of my newlywed blooper back in 1990 when I ran out of cascade and poured dish liquid in the dishwasher instead...we had bubbles oozing out everywhere for hours.

So the question now is...will you be able to take a bath tonight with the newly clean jets? your blogs new look!

Ski said...

Thanks for the laugh! Hope your are now able to enjoy the tub.