August 30, 2009


Whew. I just finished sorting through nearly 1,000 email messages. Juno crashed on me yesterday--I mean, CRASHED. Ted did some fancy tech work to restore everything (thank you, honey!!), so thankfully I did not lose my email addresses or years of saved messages. About the only thing I actually lost was my web history/bookmarks, so I'll have to refigure out what my favorite web sites are. :-) The good thing about a crash is finally getting rid of electronic "stuff" that I didn't need to keep. Also, I read some messages here and there--I don't save a copy of everything I email, but I do file copies of our family updates as a sort of family journal, plus encouraging notes I receive, and so on. It was neat to get a glimpse of our family happenings over the past decade! (Yes, I've had the same email address since before we were married.)

But some of the messages--WHY were they there, in the myriad of email folders?! Why did I have so many folders? What would I do if I had to sort through all that e-stuff again?! So, aside from "journal" messages, recipes, a few personal notes, some photos, and a file of homeschool resources, everything else went OUT. I'm down to 40 messages in my in box. I love it! I feel so unfettered! Kind of how I felt after pitching tons of stuff before our move to Ohio. I am definitely in de-clutter mode.

Now, if only I can get motivated to organize our Sonlight materials and actually start a school schedule this week...


Heather said...

one word Beverly... WORKBOXES. Just google "Sue Patrick workbox system" and her website should be at the top. Her e-book is worth paying for.
I have greatly modified (read: simplified)it for us but it is AWESOME.

Beverly said...

Believe me, Heather, I'm looking into it!! I may give you a call this week to chat about how it's working for you!!