August 12, 2009


This year Convention was as fun and exciting as ever! We really missed having Mimi, my direct upline, attend with us, the first year she has not been there. I can hardly believe this was my TENTH Convention! It seems so long ago that I was in Minneapolis with Mimi, Erin, and Dawn, overwhelmed at all these "crazy stamping ladies" and in awe of where a Stampin' Up! business could take a person. I'm still committed to doing this as a home business and am thankful for the flexibility I have while earning income for our family. How blessed I am!

This year 14 of my downline members attended--I thought that was a great turnout, considering 17 of them came last year for the 20th anniversary of the company! It was fun to reconnect with gals I hadn't seen since last summer and to meet some whom I hadn't yet met. I'm excited to get my business up and running again in Ohio and am already looking forward to the next Stampin' Up! event, which is a Regional Seminar in Cincinnati on September 12. (I get to go for free because of my title--woohoo!)

Lucan did fairly well during the week, but he was a tad bit too old to sleep through everything as Tobin did when he attended Convention 7 years ago! He was way more interested in the lights, sounds, and people than I wanted him to be, BUT, all things considered, he did pretty well. And--wait for it--yes, there is a poop story! He managed to go all week without pooping, only filling his diaper ONCE the entire time we were gone. He made up for it by exploding several times once we were back home. How thoughtful of him. :-)

Here's my group! Two ladies were not around for our photo, but here you can see, from left to right, Monica, May, Charity, Suzanne, Larissa, me with Lucan, Christi, Heather, Cindy, Sharon, Caroline, Lisa, and Karen.

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