January 12, 2009

You Make Me Laugh!

Yesterday during lunch Kenna looked up at the back screen door and saw a bug. She immediately notified us, pointing and exclaiming, "Buh, buh, BUH!" We acknowledged that yes, it was indeed a bug. (How clever of her to notice!) She stopped her proclamations, stared thoughtfully at the bug for a moment, then wrinkled her little nose and said, "EWWWWW!" The whole family burst into laughter, so I knew I had to remember to write this on the blog!

While reading aloud to me this morning, Arden was running his sentences together. He's a great reader for being only 5 1/2 years old, but he does tend to be a bit monotone and wants to read fast like his older sibs. I had him stop and pointed out the periods on the page. I suggested that he take a little break, maybe take a breath or something, when he came to a period so he would remember to pause more between sentences. Dutifully he read the next sentence, stopped completely after the next period, took an enormous breath, and moved on. It was very hard not to giggle!

During our Sonlight read-aloud time this afternoon, I caught a whiff of stinky feet. I asked who the culprit was, and of course everyone denied being the one to have smelly toes. Tobin even leaned down to sniff his foot to be sure. When I asked, "Well, does it smell?" his response was, "Only if you get REALLY close!"


The Litwillers said...

I love it!

Usually around here, Matthew finds the bugs and freaks out, then Ben will squish it. I'll have to send you the poem I wrote and submitted to the library about my mighty ant hunters.

Luke said...

It is very amusing how kids can over apply a suggestion [smile]. Hilarious.


Amos said...

I think thye need to revive the show Kids Say the Darndest Things. They crack me up!

Amos said...

So much for the spelling at 3 a.m.

the Pools said...

You do look great in the Christmas pics! I love your idea about realizing the importance of the little joyful moments in life-- thanks for sharing!