January 28, 2009

Answers to FAQs

In case you were wondering...

1. No, I haven't had the baby yet.
2. No, we haven't decided on a name yet. But even if we had, we wouldn't be telling you! (No offense--not even our kids will know the name until Baby is born!)
3. No, we haven't heard where we'll be moving this summer.
4. No, we don't have any idea where we'll be moving this summer.

Trust me, we'll share news as soon as we can!


Debi Joy said...

Must be tough being so sought after for info!!

Ski said...

Are you going to have a poll for date, bith wt., length, etc. like you did for Kenna?

Beverly said...

Click on the box to the right of the blog entries!! That's our guessing game this time!