January 20, 2009

We Love Three-Day Weekends!

I really think we should have more of these on the calendar. I had a great weekend, starting with a long day of scrapping at Debi's house on Saturday. I finished our Disney World pages, so now I am officially two years behind, ha! I also did a few more pages in Kenna's album. This needs major work if I am to finish before the new baby comes and provides more opportunities for getting behind in scrapbooking. Debi and I had a fun day together and enjoyed a break for lunch at Panda Express. Her daughter had left for college in Reno that morning with her dad driving her, so I think it helped Debi that I was there to somewhat take her mind off the fact that her firstborn is flying the nest. I can hardly imagine what that feeling will be like...it's only a decade or so away before my sweet little Charis is ready for college! I say "only" because I think of how short the first 10 years of our marriage seemed (we'll hit 12 years in June) and of how fast time is already flying with our children. (Although there are plenty of long days in there, trust me! See earlier posts, LOL!)

Sunday afternoon I did a Sam's Club run--I'm realizing now I need to blog some things about Charis, but I will do that later. Anyway, I started experiencing some major contractions while shopping and came home to sit down with relief and visit with some friends whom we had invited over for the evening. We watched a little football, ordered dinner from Pizza Hut, and began a series of pinochle games while the kids watched Horton Hears a Who with their friend Addie. Laura and I got thoroughly trounced by the guys in all three of our games. (Well, there was the game that we lost by only a couple of hundred points, but it was dismal overall.) The contractions continued, causing me to wonder if I should have started nesting a long time ago.

But, thank the Lord, the contractions had subsided by Monday morning, leaving me free to continue with the grocery shopping at the neighborhood Walmart. I did quite a bit of work on my business--Ted did the Sonlight reading for school time while I prepped for a Tuesday morning workshop with my deaf friends. While he fixed lunch, I entered orders from my Friday night show (almost $550, woohoo!). I took a break to play a game of Catan with the whole family while Kenna was napping, and then I spent a good hour and a half or maybe even more entering receipts from last year--ugh. I can't believe I totally let that area of my life go!! I used to be so anal about my business tracking, entering each individual receipt the day I spent or earned the money. Now...?! Now I just enter 8 months' worth of STUFF all at once!!! Yikes! I have got to do better this year.

Before bedtime, Ted and the kids and I finished reading The 101 Dalmations (the REAL novel), one of my all-time favorite books. (I don't know if it's on the Sonlight list...if not, it should be!) After we got the kids in bed, Ted and I watched Facing the Giants for the first time. (I had picked it up for us for Christmas.) It was quite good! We had seen Fireproof in the theater, and I have to say that this one was just as good. We look forward to watching the extras tonight.

So, that was our weekend. Terribly exciting, wasn't it?! I guess it would have been if I had really gone into early labor, ha!


Bob and Claire said...

LOL, that would have been terribly NOT FAIR for you to go into labor first!! : ) When I was pregnant with Nathan, there were 2 other women I was good friends with in my walking group that were pregnant. I was due July 3, another was due July 15ish, and the third was due the first week in April. So when I went into labor and trooped off to the hospital on June 24, I was surprised to see the lady due mid-July there--she had delivered 2 days before me (June 22)! And after I got home, I called the third lady to let her know my good news--and her father-in-law answered the phone to say that she had ALSO delivered on June 22--but in a hospital in Denver. She had gone into labor while sight-seeing with her in-laws! So I was so happy about being a week early, and these other women were much earlier! But it was fun that we all had our babies at the same time, and a year later, we all had a huge 1-year birthday party for our kids. Fun memories . . . I'm not sure why I'm rambling so much, LOL. Take it easy!! : )

Anonymous said...

Trust me, you don't want the kind of excitement that comes with early labor. I can attest to that! My advice now is always to take it easy. Sounds like a great weekend. We enjoyed our long weekend as well. I got a couple hours of peace and quiet Monday morning while Cliff took the kids to run errands. It's nice sometimes to just hang out with the family and not have anything you have to get done..


Megan said...

Contractions while shopping are the worst! I've had a few that have forced me to stop and wait for them to subside because it hurts too much to walk with a bowling ball in my gut. LOL I haven't had more than three or four "real" ones yet, but the Braxton-Hicks are owwie enough for me at times! I keep reminding myself that I need to stay better hydrated to keep them at bay, although a full bladder always brings them on, so it ends up being a catch-22!