November 04, 2008

Time for More Kenna Pictures

It's been awhile...and besides, babies are just so fun to photograph!!

Wearing Charis's old doggie slippers...which are now too small for her! (This was taken about 2-3 weeks ago.)

Baby in a box!

At the taekwondo costume party the night of the promotion ceremony.

Reading with big sister Charis.

Kenna points to her cheeks. (She's really into the "Where's your [insert body part here]?" game.)


The Litwillers said...

Such a fun game! My favorite one Ben pointed to was his owie. He'd smack his forehead where he sported an owie for his entire second year. My mother threatened to buy him a helmet.

Ski said...

Cute pictures!

Christie said...

Kenna is growing up way to fast. What a great bigt sister Charis is! Love the pic of Kenna in her slippers! I hope you are feeling well!