November 02, 2008

Renaissance Festival

Last October, just after we moved into our current house, we took a break from unpacking and went to the Ren Fest, as it's called here in Las Vegas. Ted and I have been to these kinds of festivals before, but it was the first time taking the kids (that they were aware of, anyway), and it was a HUGE hit. They looked forward to going back all year long, so when the time finally came, they were ready for it. (I remember last year trying to explain to them exactly what "medieval times" were all about--this year, after having read a lot from both school and library resources, they knew ALL about it!)

Ted took that Friday off work, as we were able to go for free then by signing up with our homeschool group. It was a lot of fun to spend the day together as a family. I even got a costume this year and justified it by saying I'd be wearing it 3 times during the month of October--once for the festival, once for our homeschool co-op's medieval party, and once for King's Faire, the Halloween-alternative bash our church hosts every year!

One favorite activity was paying $1 to fight a knight. Here are some pictures of the kids in their glory...

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