November 02, 2008

Blogging Blitz!

OK, the time has come...I've uploaded some pictures from the camera, and I actually have a little bit of time to blog. (Thanks, Honey, for working on dinner for us tonight!) I'll break the posts down by topic when I can, so for this one I'll just post pictures of my parents. Here they are with the kids the morning Mom and Dad left to drive to AZ. I blogged about them visiting us in early October, but I didn't have any pictures ready. I unfortunately didn't take many pictures while they were here--we used Dad's camera to capture our outings to Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston, BUT...the picture quality was set for low. I will, however, try posting some here, and hopefully they'll show up all right even though we won't be able to print for scrapbook pages. (Not that it matters, since I'm 2 years behind anyway, ha!)

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