November 03, 2008

Rice Bag $$ Totals

A week or so after the kids' birthday party, Charis and I sat at the table organizing and counting all the change we've collected for the Rice Bag Project. As a family, we had collected quite a bit of change in the preceding couple of months. But after receiving donations in lieu of birthday presents, Charis and Arden's little bags were bulging! I had some coin rolls on hand, but it turned out to be not nearly enough, at least for the pennies. I am pleased to report that our grand total so far is $159! Approximately $49 of that is in bills or dollar coins...the rest is from LOOSE CHANGE!!!

Praise the Lord! For every $30 raised, Mission India is able to teach an Indian woman how to read and write, thereby giving her much-needed freedom and confidence as she cares for her family. If you haven't already, I encourage you to check out the web site and read the stories about those whose lives have changed as a result of this wonderful work.

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Luke said...

Way, way cool! Great job!