November 09, 2008

A Fun, Full Weekend

BIG SIGH. I just finished typing this post and Blogger lost it. That has never happened before. Ugh. Well, here are the high points from what I just wrote...

Ted and I got a date night Friday evening. My friend Debi had come over Thursday morning to visit with Kenna and me while the big kids were at PE, and we enjoyed sipping lattes and munching Starbucks treats that she had brought over. She commented that she missed seeing the big kids and offered to babysit for us. I wasn't about to turn down that offer! Turns out the next night was the only free Friday evening Ted and I had, so since it worked out with Debi's schedule, we planned that for our outing.

We kept it simple and just planned dinner and a little bit of shopping. We chose the Cheesecake Factory since we had a coupon for a free piece of cheesecake and enjoyed a wonderful, leisurely meal and dessert. Afterwards we went to Linens 'N Things which was close by, as they were having a going-out-of-business sale. We ended up purchasing comforter sets for the kids for $15 (originally $50), something that we needed but weren't particularly looking for. Then we headed to Target to get a few items for a Thanksgiving basket we put together for a church outreach and also found 2 ninja costumes for the boys in the Halloween leftovers section. $6 total--woohoo! They were thrilled.

You know you're getting old (or are at least in the throes of parenthood) when a date night consists of a meal without cutting meat for a small person or pouring ketchup on a plate and then shopping--a task neither Ted nor I particularly relish! We got home just as the kids were getting into bed, so a little before 9 p.m. (You also know you're getting old/are in the throes of parenthood when you are tired LONG before your kids are.) Regardless, we had a very enjoyable evening together, and I'm thankful that Debi enjoys spending time with my kids and is willing to babysit for us now and then!

Yesterday morning Ted worked a shift selling hot dogs at the annual air show at Nellis AFB. The kids and I stayed home doing domestic activities, i.e. I cleaned while the kids made a mess! Actually, I got the floors swept and mopped, started laundry, and made the menu plan and grocery list for the next week and a half or so. The kids did their part to help when I found tasks they could do, and then after lunch we took our snacks and water bottles and met Ted at the air show. We were only there a couple of hours, but it was plenty of time...this WAS, after all, our 4th year in a row to attend this event! We stayed to see the Thunderbirds, and I was glad when Kenna finally realized we were trying to help her by plugging her ears. She got to where she would lean her head on our shoulder when a jet zoomed close by and allowed us to cover her other ear with our hand, turning so she could see the action. She LOVES loud noises and was quite thrilled with the whole production!

After the show we hiked back to our vehicles and hit the commissary. Splitting the list, we got done in fairly good time and made it home amidst much traffic. Let me tell you, the kids were in bed EARLY last night!! (So were we!)


Megan R said...

We have a date night set for Friday, our 10th anniversary. We're doing dinner at Olive Garden because it's QUIET. I like actually being able to hear each other speak when we're out to eat. And I agree, the highlight of a meal out without the kids is not having to cut anybody's food or serve seconds before I've even had a chance to tackle my firsts. ;-)

ski said...

I am not the only mom who is ready to go to sleep before my children?! Some nights when Tabitha wants me to rub her back I am almost asleep before she is. Our date nights are dinner and a bookstore.

Beverly said...

We often do dinner and a bookstore, too! But we did that last time we were out. We were so tired wandering around Borders, trying desperately to stay awake until the kids were in bed...but we ended up back home by 8:30! So sad!! I think our sitter was a tad bit disappointed, but we did pay her a bit extra. :-)

Luke said...

Lost data... ugh.

Did you see if it had saved a draft by any chance?


Beverly said...

Yup, checked in the "Edit Posts" and found the "draft," which was completely blank!!