March 05, 2008

Kenna's Birthday Party

We celebrated Kenna's birthday last Sunday afternoon surrounded by friends. Having had a good nap after church, she was pretty happy most of the time and didn't seem phased by all the commotion. (Guess she's used to it!) We tried to keep things pretty simple, but I couldn't resist getting the special 1st birthday items from Party City. Charis and I had gone with my friend Debi to the store the day before and had fun picking out plates, napkins, a "one" candle, and helium balloon (which is still a hit--Kenna waves to it every time she sees it). And the little birthday crown was too cute NOT to get, and Kenna obliged us by keeping it on long enough for several photo sessions. I think she forgot it was on, actually, since she was distracted by other things.

Since eating the most amazing cupcakes at a hostess's house last December, I had determined that we would make red velvet cupcakes for the party. The recipe said it would make 22-24 cupcakes, and I decided that would not be enough once we got all our friends' kids in the house. So we also made a bundt cake and covered it with cream cheese frosting from a can, but we all agreed that the vanilla whipped frosting with mint extract that was on the cupcakes was much better. At any rate, the cake/cupcakes were fabulous, and it was fun to watch Kenna. She was so incredibly dainty, picking off the chocolate chips one by one at first. Finally Ted broke off a piece of actual cake and gave that to her, and then she did get a little bit messy. But not much!!

You can see more birthday pictures by going to the birthday album and clicking on slide show. I will upload and post some videos later, but right now it sounds like it's breakfast time for a fussy baby!

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