March 24, 2008

Buried With Him in Baptism...Raised to Newness of Life

I know the grandparents can hardly wait to see this, so I'd better get this posted before the day is done! What a glorious Easter Sunday! The weather here was beautiful, crisp and cool in the morning, but quite warm in the sun, especially as the day wore on. It was so amazing to be able to see Charis be baptized in the new outdoor baptistry. I should have thought to take a picture of the area from a bit farther back, but maybe I can do that later. Ted was able to get in with Charis and baptize her along with Kevin Odor, the senior pastor at our church. Everyone who is baptized at CRCC gets a shirt, which Charis is wearing. On the back it has our GF logo ("God First") with the word "In," which means the shirt-wearer is "in," having said YES to God and making the decision to make Him Lord of his or her life.

You would not believe how many people were there! This was happening in between services, and it was awesome to see just how many people were there, first of all, and then to realize just how many of those people were getting baptized. Awesome!! God is at work here in Las Vegas! We were able to squeeze in to get a front-row position for when it was Charis's turn, and I got most of it on video. (The very first part happened while I was turning ON the camera, which was off because I was afraid the battery would die on me, as I had forgotten to switch out the batteries beforehand. At least I remembered the camera.) Ted said that Pastor Kevin asked Charis first of all if she had trusted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The rest of it is on the video, though you may have to turn up the volume, as you can hear the crowd around us as well. It was special for her to have some friends around to watch--the F family was there (you can hear the dad cheering at the end), and in this picture you can see the T family with Charis's friend Addie watching.

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