January 26, 2008

Pinkeye Update

I forgot to mention in the last post that Charis's eye is MUCH better! And praise the Lord, no one else in our family has it. I'm still supposed to be putting eye drops in for a total of one week, and I'm realizing now that I forgot to do that this afternoon. Oops.

An acquaintance told me she used to work for an opthamologist, and she said that since pinkeye is a virus, eyedrops don't do a thing. It just has to run its course. I'm not sure whether I believe that, because her eye has shown such obvious improvement. But if it cleared up so quickly on its own, then hey, I won't argue the point.


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad to hear that Charis' pinkeye is much better! I would definately continue with the eyedrops - I had an eye virus last spring that caused my eye to feel really scratchy, like something was in it. The doctor gave me eyedrops for several weeks, and it went away. So they did help!

Hope you get some much-deserved rest today.

PS - Taylor and Tobin should get together to play! She runs around the house chasing Storm Troopers and chatters away constantly about Darth Vader and "Wuke" (Luke). She's a Star Wars nut too!


The Litwillers said...

It depends on the type of pinkeye. I don't know all the medical jargon behind it, but drops do work in some cases.

Anonymous said...

I've been told there is a viral and a bacterial pink eye, so they give you the drops in case it's the bacterial.

I'm very impressed that only Charis got it. We have been having it more lately. Last summer all four of us had it. Yuck!


Linda said...

Great news about Charis :)
I'm so glad that no one else has caught it.