January 01, 2008

New Blog

So, for all my scrappin' friends out there, I've started a new blog. I hope to post pictures of all my scrapbook layouts that I complete this year. The goal is to finish 208 pages in 2008. The key here is that they have to be pages for our own albums, not albums that I give away, LOL! I gave 6x6 mini-albums of Kenna pics to the grandmas for Christmas, and those were pretty quick and easy to make. I've decided it's high time I put a priority on getting our own albums caught up.

I know it's not a HUGE priority. This year I hope to lead our children into some service projects and help them find ways to share Jesus' love with others in a more tangible and consistent way, and that, for example, truly IS a priority. But the fact is, I put myself and the things I enjoy doing at the bottom of the to-do list. Don't think it's for a noble cause, serving others before myself and all that. Ha! If only I could truly say that were the case. Sadly, though, I confess that I'm as selfish as they come, and instead of always thanking the Lord for the precious gifts He has given me to shepherd, I find myself grumbling and complaining with a woe-is-me, I'm-such-a-martyr attitude that disgusts even me.

So what to do about it? Scrap, of course! Follow me on this one...I'm trying to justify making this a priority. :-) Seriously, working on our family scrapbooks is something that brings me joy and also benefits our family. We all love going back to look at pictures and reliving the memories together. The kids and Ted all enjoy flipping through our albums. That brings me great pleasure in and of itself. But the creative process also helps me fight stress and discouragement. When I work on a layout, any troubles I'm facing somehow leave the room. My focus is completely on what I'm doing.

Focus--that's another goal I have for this year. I'm as bad as a 2-year-old some days, with an attention span of a gnat. I am hoping that by slowing down and scheduling in some activities that help me develop the habit of concentrating on one thing at a time, perhaps I can get past this obsession to multi-task, which often leaves me feeling frazzled and as if I just can't quite get things done properly. Ultimately I want my focus to be on Christ, who alone is worthy of all my praise and energies.

So, if you're a scrapper (or a wanna-be scrapper), I invite you to check out "208 in 2008" and let me know what you think. Pass the link on to any scrapping friends, and come by often. That will help keep me accountable so that I'll actually DO the pages, take pictures of them, and then post them! I hope it will be an encouragement and creative inspiration to many others!


Bob & Claire said...

Wow, are we like the same person?! I was just contemplating a post about how I really want to scrapbook more this year in our family albums for, well, most of the same reasons you posted! Too funny! I don't know that I will be able to do 208, but I will definitely check out your new blog and keep after you! And hopefully seeing your pages will inspire me! : )

Amy said...

I am so excited about you doing this!! I was going to email you a few months ago asking you if you would ever considered doing so, but you were pretty busy with moving. This is great!

Amos said...

Yeah Beverly! I am glad you are getting taking the time to do this for you and your family. I heard someone talking at church about a family member that had passed away and about how sad it was that all those memories and stories are gone with them. It made me tearful for a moment, and then thankful that as a scrapbooker we can journal down every precious moment and feeling for our family to see.

And no, I only made it to 142. Had our December not have been crazy I might have made it to 182 (halfway) but with no power for 4 days what can you do? I officially changed my goal to 189 for 2008, that is half a year's pages plus one since it's leap year.

Beverly said...

Good for you, Amos! I still think you had a great idea, and I loved catching up on YOUR beautiful layouts. Thanks for your inspiration!!

Amos said...

Can you tell how excited I was by my terrible English? LOL. Getting Taking?

Domestic Diva said...

I will also check out your scrapbooking blog....when Amos and I were together this past week, we were at a scrapbook store that had a sign stating a challenge...77 in '07. We thought we would do something like that. Amos and you are way more optimistic....as I was only going to do 88 in '08...but now I may up the ante thanks to yours and Amos own personal challenge.

May you have the time you need to scrapbook!