January 29, 2008

Definitely Related

It's been awhile since I posted some pics. I'm in the middle of a rather complicated dinner--I've never done twice-baked potatoes before, and they sounded yummy, but I've been in the kitchen for over 2 hours working on those, the meatloaf, and the "Walrus Salad," so I'm taking a quick break after putting Kenna down for a catnap.

I need to download the latest pictures, but I took this one of Tobin and Kenna just a week and a half ago. Tobin decided Kenna needed to have her back scratched. They were so cute together, and I thought it would be interesting to get comments from other people: What do you think, do they look alike? I think Kenna most resembles Tobin, but some people say no, definitely Arden. I'll put a picture of Arden below Tobin and Kenna, and you can see what you think. And just for kicks, I'm also posting a picture of Charis at approximately the same age. No matter which sibling you think Kenna resembles most, I bet everyone agrees that all four are definitely related!


Ski said...

You can tell that they are all related and I think Kenna's head shape is similar to Ardens but coloring and features are more like Tobin. I remember his newborn pictures and he was all Jacobson, he looked like Ted as a baby and reminded me of our Dad, Jimmy. Maybe it's the sparkle in the eye, like they are saying "What can I try now? How much can I get away with?"

Do you have any baby pictures of you and/or Ted at or around this age? That would be fun to see and compare.

People say Meghan looks like me and yet as a baby everyone said she looked like Clint. I think she is a good mixture of both of us. Tabitha and my baby pictures are almost identical, face shape and coloring. She has the really fine platinum blond hair and blue eyes. Amazing how genetics works.

Bob & Claire said...

WOw, that's a tough one! I see both boys in thre pretty clearly, LOL. It's like with our kids--they all share some characteristics with another sibling, making the mix of them look very similar. Of course, to me, they look very different, and only like Grace and Luke, or maybe Caleb and Anna, look similar to each other. But you can definitely tell they are related as well!

One thing is for certain--all your kids are so cute, and they definitely do have that sparkle that Ski mentioned! : )

Beverly said...

*chuckle* Yup, the sparkle is part of what makes them who they are!

I agree, Claire, that your kids definitely share similar characteristics! Sometimes I see pics of them and think, Oh, my, it's another Bob! Or a little Claire! But really they all have their own unique qualities, and maybe it's just that you and Bob are starting to look more and more alike, ha! (Kind of like pets and their owners!

Megan said...

I agree with ski. Arden's face-shape; Tobin's coloring. Although in the nose-picking picture, I thought she looked A LOT like Tobin (have any baby pictures of him at ~11 months old?).

Everyone says my kids look a ton like me and nothing like John. They also say that the kids look a lot like each other. It took us a while to be able to tell their newborn candid hospital pictures apart!

Sarah said...

Any way you cut it, they are just plain cute!

Joy said...

I can't believe that's Arden! I was thinking about it and Tobin's going to be 6 soon, right?! WOW!! They are definitely all related to each other. Not sure I could pick one!

Joy said...

Okay, looking again it's clear that Tobin favors you more to be sure!