January 26, 2008

I Need Another Weekend!

It's not even 5 p.m. Saturday and I'm ready for bed! Yesterday we had a good morning focused on school, and the rest of the day it seemed I was either cleaning the house, prepping stamping projects, or prepping food for today's lunch for my class. I'm pleased with the results--the house looks great (if you don't go into my bedroom or bathroom, LOL), and 8 ladies thoroughly enjoyed the Birthday Bonanza card class. They stamped 12 cards, 3 each of 4 different designs, and they were very sweet and complimentary of the class as well as the food I served them. (Sarah J, your crockpot recipe for beef stew was a HIT!)

Since Ted is at a men's snowboarding retreat this weekend, I ended up shuffling kids to and from church for Sparks-a-Rama practice from 10 to noon. A friend came early to the class so she could be here to let the ladies in as they arrived, so we hustled to church, dropped off Charis and Tobin, made a stop at the potty for Arden, came home, and then did the whole process all over again about an hour and a half later. I think the last guest from my card class left around 2 p.m.

It was such a gorgeous day outside that after everyone was gone, I quickly packed up all the kids, leaving the mess until later, and headed for the park, where we spent a glorious hour and a half, soaking up the sunshine. Tobin made friends with a boy who was maybe 7 or 8 and was an absolute joy to watch. You could tell he was the firstborn in his family! Definitely a leader, but he was sweet to let the younger boys choose their roles. They were playing some kind of Star Wars scenario and ran all over the equipment on their "space ships" or "escape pods," depending on what was happening. It was so fun to watch them playing and see my kids interacting with complete strangers, yet acting as if they had known them their whole lives. Kids are so great that way! Kenna didn't do a whole lot. She crawled very little but seemed to enjoy watching the commotion. I really hated to leave...I could have stayed and watched the kids a lot longer, but I knew Kenna was going to NEED her nap after being awake for over 3 hours.

So now we're home. I got the stamping stuff put away, after making up the rest of the cards. (I had one lady not show up, and she didn't let me know in advance, either, sigh.) I cleaned up the kitchen, folded a huge load of whites that I left in the dryer yesterday, and got the last load of the week started in the washing machine.

Now it's almost 5:00, and I can't stand the thought of going down to the kitchen and coming up with something to eat! The kids barely even had lunch...they munched homemade French bread but weren't interested in the beef stew, unfortunately. They also had fruit and chocolate chip bars. Nice balanced meal, eh?! I'm really tempted to head to McDonald's and let them play on the playground. But that would involve letting Kenna crawl on the filthy floor. The McD's over by our old house did have a nice toddler play area, so if I want to drive half an hour, I suppose we could go there...but it's also Saturday night, bath night, and I don't relish being out very late and having to wrestle hyper kids through the bath routine.

Calgon, take me away!!


The Litwillers said...

I think we have a park around here somewhere. It's underneath all of the white stuff....

Amos said...

Hmmmm, was that my house you were talking about in this post? don't know what to make for dinner, clean, clean, clean, hyper kids before bed, oh the joy of motherhood!