April 30, 2007

Let's Hear It for Dad!

I realize I often dote on our kids in my blog writing. It's for a good cause, keeping friends and family up to date on their growth and cute antics. But it's high time for a tribute to my other half, my dear and loving husband, my one and only lover, best friend, and confidant! Since this is my 200th post on this blog, I will now list 200 reasons why I love my man! (OK, really I won't, but I'll list a few anyway!) Here they are, in no particular order...

I love Ted because:

1. He adores me.
2. He adores our children.
3. He fixes me hot tea every morning...mmm!
4. He has a great bed head. (See picture!)
5. When his blue eyes sparkle at me, he rocks my whole world!
6. He has a great laugh.
7. He loves to be punny.
8. He wrestles with the kids so they don't climb on me!
9. He gives the kids their baths in the evenings.
10. He gives me backrubs.
11. He knows when I'm tired and tells me to take a nap.
12. He loves my cooking.
13. He's BUFF!!!
14. He looks cool in sunglasses.
15. He teaches me about hockey.
16. He likes to play tonsil hockey. ;-)
17. He doesn't seem to mind my obsession with stamping.
18. He appreciates the scrapbooks I make and shows them off to others.
19. He has his quiet time with God first thing in the morning.
20. He prays for me.
21. He prays for our kids.
22. He reads my blog.
23. He teases our kids.
24. He jumps on the trampoline with the kids, even though he has a bum knee.
25. He hates running but does it anyway (that's a commitment to good health!).
26. He slow dances with me even when there's no music playing.
27. He gives the best foot rubs.
28. He warms me up when I'm cold.
29. He picks up the newspaper every morning and the mail every evening.
30. He loves my parents.
31. He encourages me to follow my dreams.
32. He values time with family.
33. He doesn't put his career ahead of his commitment to God and family.
34. He faithfully attends church.
35. He has a passion for serving young people.
36. He's a great listener.
37. He has an extensive CD collection.
38. He likes having me be a stay-at-home mom.
39. He fully supports our efforts to home school our children.
40. He loves to read.
41. He always closes the lid to the toilet.
42. He's a great cook.
43. He does laundry.
44. He always holds my hand when we go for walks.
45. He loves me without make-up.
46. He can always make me laugh.
47. He's patient but firm with the children.
48. He loves me sacrificially.
49. He desires to be the man God wants him to be and pursues godliness.
50. He makes decisions with eternity in mind.

Wow...I could keep going, but it's time to feed Kenna and get to bed. I hope when Ted reads this he'll smile and know how much I love and adore him!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Beverly for all the post and updates on you, Ted and the kids, it makes me feel closer to you all. Maybe someday soon all the cousins can meet. I am proud of you little brother!

Love you all lots,