April 02, 2007

A Visit from Grandma

After having my mom here for 2 weeks, the house seemed a bit lonely when she left! You wouldn't think there could be much difference in noise level with 4 kids remaining here, but the choruses of "Grandma, come play a game with me!" or "Grandma, look at this!" were no longer ringing out. So it was fun for all of us when Ted's mom, Rhonda, arrived for a brief visit last Wednesday. It was wonderful to have her here and very fun to introduce her to Kenna. I got a nap every day she was here except Saturday--ironically, the day both she and Ted were home, but also a challenging day with Arden's allergies/asthma and Kenna's sniffles. The kids enjoyed playing games with her, reading with her, coloring with her, doing puzzles with her...generally anything they could do with her, they did. They packed a lot of Grandma-time into those few days!

Since we knew Rhonda would be here this past weekend, Ted and I decided to do his birthday outing while she was here so she could go with us. We all wanted to see the Blue Man Group, so we asked my friend Debi if she'd be willing to help babysit. We were going to have her daughter come as well, but she was taken that night, so Debi's husband and son came along, and from all reports the evening went very well. The show was AWESOME!! Tickets were expensive but definitely worth it. Ted and I have decided that as long as we live in Las Vegas, instead of buying gifts for each other's special occasions, we will just choose an experience to enjoy. Seeing the Blue Man show was something we both wanted to do ever since we knew we'd be moving to LV, so it was a treat. Rhonda has also always wanted to see them, so it was fun to experience it together.

Despite a rough night with Kenna that night (she was having a hard time breathing because of her sniffles and woke to nurse every 2 1/2 hours, then waking to fuss somewhere in between), we did manage to all get to church Sunday morning. Then Rhonda treated us to lunch at Red Robin, a family favorite, before we had to take her back to the airport. We're so glad she could come and visit so soon after Kenna was born. Probably the next time we'll see her is when we take our family vacation to Denver close to the time for the Stampin' Up! convention.


Ski said...

Rhonda looks so happy. I am glad she was able to visit and to meet Kenna. And you were able to get in some naps! So who does Kenna look like? I remember that Tobin looked like the Jacobson's but I can't tell with Kenna. Have a good week and I hope you can get some naps in.

Pilgrim said...

I am glad you were able to see the Blue Man group - what a fun outing. Peter and I went to LV for our honeymoon and that is one of the things we "splurged" on. You are right - it is worth it. I hope you get some rest as you continue to figure out the pattern for your expanding family.

Amos said...

What a great thing for both Grandmas to be able to visit and for you to get to a show. The more I read of your blog the more I find myself wishing you were closer. You are an amazing mom, and I am also a scrapbook/stamping freak which connects anyone almost immediately. Although I am not blogging at the moment it is nice to hear everyone is doing well.