February 04, 2007

My Personality Report

Thanks a lot, Megan, for "making" me stay up way past my bedtime! ;-)

I am an Animated Leader.


Megan said...

Sorry! Teehee! Wasn't that the funkiest test?! The sliders were cool, because they kept me from over-analyzing my answers like I would have if I had had to choose a number between 1 and 10. :)

Beverly said...

Yes, that was an interesting way to do it!! It actually took me less than the 30 minutes they noted it would take...I purposely went as fast as I could so I wouldn't over-analyze things! The buckets were interesting, too!

Megan, a Generous Analyst said...

It didn't take me 30 minutes either, but I tend to have an easy time skimming quickly on a computer screen for some reason.