February 09, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now...

Yesterday Charis and I did some math review. She's been doing quite well with subtraction, but I had noticed that she seemed to have forgotten the little tricks with subtracting 9's and was a lot slower than before with some other facts. So we've been reviewing this week. I played a flashcard game with her that had her starting across the room and moving a step toward me for each fact she answered correctly. It didn't take long before I realized she was having trouble reading the numbers from a distance.

Later, she couldn't read one of the spelling words she had just written on the white board after she sat down in her chair (which isn't that far away from the board--though she DID write pretty small). I decided to see if I could get an appointment for her eyes to be checked, especially since the pediatrician had suggested it last fall since she was too shy to say much during the eye exam.

Thankfully, I was able to get her in on the same day! Sarah watched the boys for me while I took Charis to the appointment. She was very much looking forward to the experience and did quite well with all the questions and tests, much better than I think she would have done if I had taken her a few months ago. She didn't seem to be nearly so shy!

Well, the bottom line is that she does have some slight near-sightedness, -.75 in each eye, so the doctor gave us a prescription for glasses ONLY for distance. He said she should NOT use them for reading or close-up work. Charis was ecstatic to find out we would be getting her some glasses! (I guess kids' perception of glasses has changed since I was a kid and got called "four eyes!") I took her to Sam's Club and we picked out her frames, an easy task since only 2 were small enough to fit her little face! Pink or blue? Pink, of course!! She was most disappointed that we couldn't go home with them right then and there, but they'll be ready to pick up in a week or so.

Being the daughter of two early and avid readers, both of whom had glasses at a fairly early age, Charis was likely doomed from the beginning. :-) I'm thankful that we caught the need sooner rather than later and also glad that she won't need the glasses for reading at this time in her life. And I'm glad that she enjoys reading as much as her mommy and daddy (and truthfully most members of her extended family) do. She was on page 143 of #10 in the Bobbsey Twins series as we were sitting in the waiting room, and I know that she's read that book at least once before!

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Bob & Claire said...

Wow, way to be on top of things! I think it is so cute that she was excited to be getting glasses! I remember getting some for, like her, distance stuff only in sixth or seventh grade, and I was secretly excited too. But I think that was because I really didn't wear them that often, so the whole thing remained a novelty. Every time I take a driver's license eye test now, I wonder if I will need the glasses to see those little letters! The letters are geting blurrier, but so far I have been fine . . .