April 07, 2006

Sonlight Moment

The home school curriculum that we use, Sonlight, has a great forum for its customers. Lots of users post what we lovingly refer to as "Sonlight Moments," perhaps moments when kids suddenly get something, or incorporate their learning into their pretend games, etc. Basically they are moments that make you happy that you're home schooling, and happy (for us) that Sonlight has provided such great opportunities for us to spend time with our kids.

I posted our own recent Sonlight moment as a thank-you to Sonlight and thought I'd share here.

"Dear Sonlight,

While I'm waiting for my new catalog, I thought I would share this precious story with you. My 4 yo son was saying the blessing before breakfast a few days ago. He usually lets his older sister or me do breakfast prayers, as he prefers to say prayers at night. When he does, he thanks God for all the fun things we've done during the day. So when he began the morning prayer, it went something like this:

Tobin: "Dear God, thank you for this day, and, um...Mommy, what are we going to do today?"

Me, whispering: "School." (We didn't have anything else planned, and I was caught a little off guard!)

Tobin: "And thank you, God, that we get to do Sonlight reading. AMEN!"

My heart was so blessed by this prayer! Our pre-K core was purchased primarily for my daughter, but my sons adore cuddling on the couch and reading with us as well. I'm so thrilled that Tobin has benefited so much from SL and look forward to doing this core with him and his little brother again next year!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful curriculum!"-

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