April 12, 2006

I Win!

I've discovered that a little healthy competition works wonders in getting my children to scoot along! Lately they've been racing to see who can get upstairs to brush their teeth first or who can get buckled up in the van first. We try to make it seem as if everyone is a winner, which is probably why this story even happened in the first place.

We were rushing to leave the house to get to MOPS on Monday, and as usual the kids wanted to race to see who could get buckled up first. Charis can completely buckle herself up, and Tobin can do the top portion of his straps. I still have to do everything for Arden. Here's how the winners announced themselves:

Charis, who was completely buckled first: "I win of the girls!"

Tobin, who finished a close second: "I win of the boys!"

Arden, waiting happily while I buckled him up: "I win of the Ardens!"

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