April 22, 2006

Go Me!

This past week has been a pretty good one for me as far as exercise goes. I had run 3 miles in 30 minutes on Wednesday, April 12, which for me was quite amazing. On Monday I did some toning, Tuesday I jogged on the treadmill 2.6 miles, and Thursday Sarah and I ran, with my total distance being about 3 miles. I decided to get up early this morning to run farther, thinking maybe I could hit 4 miles. Sarah and I missed each other but met up as she was on her way home, so I turned and went with her. I'm glad we met up, because it made time pass more quickly and actually energized me to keep going after she stopped. I arrived home more than an hour after I had left!

Later in the morning I went to get groceries, and on the way home I decided to drive my route to see exactly how far I had gone. Are you ready for this?!

I jogged 5.2 miles!!!! Oh, my! That is by far the farthest I have ever run in one day. My body will probably not be as excited tomorrow when I have to have help getting out of bed, but right now I'm kind of on a high. Who would have thought I could go so far?! Maybe I can do a 10K after all...

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