April 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Tobin!

Time to catch up on our blog!

Tobin's 4th birthday was on Thursday, April 13. After Ted got home from work, our family went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner (kind of a Chuck E. Cheese sort of place, only a bit smaller and with better pizza!). The kids had a great time climbing in the play area and playing a few little games. Ted and I liked it because the pizza was yummy and, since it was a weeknight, it was not very crowded at all! This picture of Tobin and Ted is one of the best shots of the evening. :-)

Then we went to Dairy Queen for some (very overpriced) ice cream. It was such a nice evening that we sat outside in the courtyard area and had Tobin open his presents there. He got:

* A very fun book, How I Became a Pirate, from Uncle Joel and Auntie Sarah
* An "owl space" (outer space) book and giant floor puzzle from Grandma J
* A starter set of Wedgits from Uncle Clint and Auntie Ski (This toy has almost been more fun for Daddy than for Tobin!!)
* A Slinky from Arden
* A Spiderman bop bag from Charis

Grandma K said she sent a package, but it hasn't arrived yet. (Mom...we'll let you know when it gets here!)

Then we came home, where the gift from Mom and Dad was waiting--a Spiderman scooter! This was a HUGE hit with all the kids, and they took turns scooting around on the tile, playing with Wedgits, the slinky, and the bop bag while waiting for their turn. Now I suppose we'll want to get scooters for Charis and Arden as well! But as Tobin's bike has a flat tire, and Arden is nearly big enough to pedal the tricycle, Tobin did need a new "vehicle!"

So that was it for Tobin's actual birthday. Then, today, we joined our friends Ken and Sarah and their kiddos and Sarah's parents for an Easter dinner. Sarah made a Thomas the Tank Engine cake which turned out very cute (and was quite tasty as well!). She put 4 candles on the side with Tobin's name and 3 candles on the side with T.J.'s name, and they blew them out at the same time. The boys exchanged gifts. Taran got a bop bag, slinky, and puzzle from our family, and Tobin got a NEW set of crayons, Spiderman stickers, Spiderman folder, paper for coloring, and a Stealth plane. Tobin immediately broke out the crayons and started coloring pictures for everyone present, including Sarah's parents! (He had been grounded from crayons the past 3 days because I caught him coloring on the metal arm of the futon, so I believe he was going through withdrawal!)

So, all in all, it was a wonderful birthday! Thank you to our family members who sent packages to help Tobin feel so special, and a special thanks to Sarah for the cake and for including us in the birthday festivities this weekend!

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Ski said...

I know of this stuff called Sol-U-mel that takes crayons off just about anything. Let me know if you want some.