February 07, 2006

Random Thoughts

The last few days seem to have flown by. Ted didn't go snowboarding on Saturday (the first weekend in awhile he hasn't gone), so it was nice to sleep in a bit and have him home in the morning, particularly since we decided to purchase a new washing machine after our old one was having problems with the spinning cycle--again. We had it fixed for the same problem roughly a year ago, and for what we paid the repairman, we decided that perhaps we should have just gotten a new machine! Rather than mess with it again, we just got another washer. (Yay, Stampin' Up!, for giving us extra money for expenses like these!)

So, Ted picked up the new machine on Saturday, installed it, and did all the laundry! I'm sure I did some useful stuff, too, but I can't think of what it was, other than I know I got in a 3-mile run. :-)

On Sunday Arden took an early nap, and then we went to our small group leaders' house for the Super Bowl game. I took some hot spinach dip and sourdough bread, plus a cherry ambrosia cheese ball and graham crackers. We enjoyed other appetizers (chips, hot wings, tortilla roll-ups...), and then as the game was coming to an end (around 6:30 p.m. our time), our hostess had a fried chicken dinner ready for us, complete with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn on the cob! The kids had a thoroughly great time running around with the other children. In fact, Tobin was having so much fun he decided to paint the K's carpet!!! Somehow he had gotten into their craft closet upstairs and painted the whiteboard easel green, spilling some on the carpet! I was mortified! Thank the Lord the paint was water-based and came out almost completely, and the hostess assured me that her steam cleaner would probably take the rest out. Tobin really lucked out on that one, though he was definitely disciplined at their house and later on at ours!

Anyway, we enjoyed the game, being fairly neutral, since our Broncos were beaten. Ted kept lamenting that the Steelers should have played the same way against Denver that they played against Seattle in the first half, thinking that Denver would have beaten them!

Yesterday the kids and I went to church for my MOPS meeting. The boys both conked out during nap time with NO problems! Wow--I was amazed! They had a good 1 1/2-2 hour nap each, and Charis and I enjoyed some time together while they were sleeping. She worked on a beaded bracelet and necklace while I stamped some thank you cards.

Today we had our "normal" school schedule. Things went smoothly (I even vacuumed and mopped, a chore that desperately needed to be done!), so after we finished our Sonlight reading, we covered the table with newspaper and the kids painted. It was Arden's first time to paint! I am fairly anal and have a hard time letting kids be kids and get messy, so I don't always think to paint or do other potentially messy activities. So I was glad we had some extra time today AND that I thought of the idea without Charis or Tobin begging to paint! They were quite pleased with their handiwork, and I know they will enjoy showing off to Daddy when he comes home.

I just peeked on the boys (it's supposed to be nap time), and wonder of wonders, Arden is asleep in his crib! Perhaps he has gotten used to the idea that he must stay in bed and sleep when we tell him to! I will be quite amazed if this trend continues. This is the fourth day in a row he has obeyed during nap time! Ted and I were remembering our struggles with Tobin during naps at this age. (He still gives us difficulties, even when we just require an hour "rest time" with a timer! In fact, I can still hear him thumping on the bed upstairs!) Then Ted reminded me about the book issue. We spent literally months training Tobin not to touch the books on our bookcases. Nothing seemed to phase him, and while he might leave them for awhile, the next day he would be right back at it, touching, pulling, ripping covers, and so on. FINALLY he got to the point where he just wasn't interested in them anymore.

Arden went through a similar phase, but so much shorter! It was maybe 2-3 weeks? I don't remember--all I know is that we did have to work on training him, but all of a sudden, it seemed he either just got it, or else he didn't really care anymore! Ted wonders if that is an indication that Arden's personality is more compliant, that he'll not give us trouble with nap time since we've been so consistent and firm that he MUST stay in bed, lie down, and sleep. From other things we've observed, I would not be too surprised if that proves to be true, and if it does, hallelujah, and praise the Lord! But I'm prepared to take it on a day-by-day basis and remind both of our sons that I'm the mom whenever I need to!

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Melissa said...

Beverly I can't believe how grown up the kids are! It just seems like yesterday that you left Idaho with baby Charis.