February 24, 2006

Colorado Trip

Well, we are finally somewhat back into the swing of things here at home after our whirlwind trip to Colorado for President's Day weekend. We left around 7:15 a.m. on Friday, February 17, which we thought was pretty good! The kids slept all the way up until we were ready to leave. They ate bananas and dry cereal in the van as we headed out. The trip to Vail was a good one overall, though the kids didn't go to sleep until the last hour of our trip! So they were rather tired and cranky the last couple of hundred miles (total distance traveled: 650 miles). But we made it, and they were so excited to see Grandma J and Uncle Joel and Auntie Sarah again. We enjoyed a yummy lasagna dinner when we arrived and then pretty much crashed.

The next day was full of adventure for Charis and Tobin, as it was their first time on skis! Sarah had an infection of some sort and decided to stay back at the condo with Arden and me. It was nice to have some adult company. When the gang returned, we got to hear all about the ski lessons and how the kids did. Charis picked it up well and got good comments on her ski school "report card." Tobin did all right, but he wanted to hold someone's hand each time he went down the hill. That didn't surprise me too much, but no worries...I'm sure next year he'll be ready to fly solo.

Ted's Uncle Rande and Aunt Jo arrived that evening, and we enjoyed dinner together and some Olympic viewing before bedtime. No one in our family slept well that night--we shared the loft, which had a king-sized bed for Ted and me, a hide-away bed for Charis and Tobin, and a pack-n-play for Arden. Tobin was so unbelievably tired that he couldn't fall into a deep enough sleep to stay asleep. He woke about every 45 minutes to an hour. It was probably the combination of being in an unfamiliar bed plus being so over-tired. Needless to say, it was NOT a fun night.

Sunday was a day of rest. I enjoyed getting over to the fitness center and running 3 3/4 miles on the treadmill, the longest run I have had in a long time, if not ever! After I got my shower, Ted, Joel, Sarah, and I went out for lunch, since Rhonda had offered to babysit for us. (Rande and Jo had gone snowboarding/skiing for the day.) We enjoyed our double date and time of conversation before heading back to the condo for more vegging in front of the Olympics. We had another great dinner, pasties that Rande and Jo brought from Montana! For those who don't know, pasties are basically like a pie crust filled with meat and potatoes. [The site I linked to cites Michigan as being famous for them, but they were also a favorite with the miners in Montana, from what I've been told.] Ted's parents provided pasties for our wedding rehearsal dinner, since that was what they also had for their rehearsal dinner. So anytime I get to enjoy a pasty with my hubby, that's a real treat!

On Monday everyone headed back to the slopes...except Tobin, Arden, and me. We spent the day in the condo. I would have loved to have taken them swimming, but we had tried going as a family the evening before, and though they seemed excited, once we arrived at the pool they both clung to my legs and decided they would rather watch Daddy and Charis splash around. Sigh. Furthermore, Arden didn't even have his shoes--they were left in the van--so I couldn't take them out to play in the snow. (Not that I would have really enjoyed doing this, as I really despise being cold! But just to get us out in the fresh air and let them expend some energy so they wouldn't drive me bonkers...I would have endured some cold for that!) To their credit, they did play fairly well considering the circumstances, but I admit I had them sitting in front of a DVD for an hour and 20 minutes so I could eat my own lunch in peace and generally get a break!

Meanwhile, on the slopes, Charis was experiencing her first terror-filled ride on the real mountain. Though she seemed excited to go, like the boys with their swimming experience, once she actually got up high on the mountain, she lost a lot of confidence and ended up skiing down with Grandma J huddled over the top of her. One run was more than enough, and the two of them came back to the condo just in time for a nap. (They got a nap, I mean...and Arden napped, but Tobin and I did not, unfortunately.)

The rest of the crew came back a few hours later, and after a soak in the hot tub, we had a hearty beef stew dinner and watched yet more Olympic action (or soap opera action, as was the case with the ice dancing couples). Charis enjoyed "sewing" with Aunt Jo, who was working on a needlepoint project of some kind and was willing to let Charis help pull the needle through, which thrilled Charis to no end. During the weekend she and Grandma J stitched together a felt flower-shaped purse from a kit Rhonda got for them to work on at the condo together. Charis had also stitched little teddy bears together with Grandma K a few weeks ago, so she is now quite enchanted with needles and thread. (Unfortunately for her, I don't sew and don't really have any interest in learning! Thank goodness she has two grandmas and some aunts who are showing her the fine art!)

We got a much better night of sleep Monday, though still not a "normal" night's sleep. Still, we felt well rested and woke early to pack the van and get us on the road by 9 a.m. It was a quick stay, but everyone had a good time, I think. Our ride home was 100% napless, so we were glad to pull into our garage by 6:30 p.m. Vegas time. After very fast baths and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich dinner, the kids crashed for a really sound sleep, and Ted and I followed shortly after.

The only bad thing about our travels is that somewhere along the way we seem to have picked up a bug. Arden has had a fever the last two days and is very clingy and cranky, while Tobin and Charis (so far fever-free) are coughing and sniffling a lot. We are trying to stay home and get lots of rest so we can truly get back to normal soon!


Flogger said...

I have 2 words for you regarding needle crafts for Charis ... PLASTIC CANVAS! Check it out. I think you will be able to teach her that and it's fun! Make Christmas decorations and she will have gifts for friends and family next year!!! Thanks for the update!!!

Bob & Claire said...

LOL, I am also sewing-impaired and not really interested in improving myself. But now Nathan wants to learn, so I found a book called "Buckles and Bobbins" for boys, and I am hoping that it will at least satisy his curiosity! I'm not sure what I will do with a daughter! : )

Sarah said...

Okay, after reading about your Valentine's game, "Canoodling" and offering to belly dance for Ted, I'm glad that you explained what "pasties" were. :o) My mind went to a totally different place than a dinner pastry. :o)