July 23, 2013

Pregnancy/Bed Rest Update

Tomorrow we hit 36 weeks in this pregnancy, which is a wonderful milestone to hit after the threat of pre-term labor!  I saw my doctor yesterday, who asked me to maintain bed rest until Friday.  He prefers that we at least get to 37 weeks before delivery, but things seem to be going fine for now.  Dr. T will be in Germany through Saturday...of course, there are OB docs on call (he works in the family practice clinic), but if he is around, he'd like to be able to deliver Septimus, and I am perfectly fine with that.  Even though I had to switch docs when I hit 32 weeks (because the one I started with is PCSing this month), I was impressed with my initial encounter with Dr. T.  He is a father of three himself, and he seems to be in favor of a more natural approach to the whole birthing experience, preferring to allow the baby to be with the mother immediately instead of whisked away, etc.  So I'd be happy to have him as our delivery doc!

In the meantime, we're looking at 3 1/2 more days of bed rest!  Ted had the presence of mind to remember that we are scheduled to see our chiropractor Friday evening and to ask if it was all right for me to keep that appointment.  Dr. T said it would be fine, so Ted and I are continuing with the plans we made a month ago when we set up the appointment--we will see Dr. S and then have ourselves a little date night!  Woohoo!

So, life in bed continues, LOL.  I'm slowly making my way through Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts, which I began last fall but only had read one chapter before coming home for bed rest.  I finished the book about Sabbath rest.  I'm 19% of the way through the unabridged version of Les Miserables.  I completed one digital scrapbook album, our American history road trip from the fall of 2010, and I am about halfway through our 2011 family album (also digital).

I've read books about diggers and tractors and cars and airplanes over and over and over to Zaden, who insists that most of these vehicles are, in fact, buses.  I've read Dr. Seuss's ABC book to Lucan multiple times and carried on conversations with him and his Doof Dog (who now has next to no stuffing, making it a bit difficult to take Doof seriously, seeing as how his head is caving in).  I finished reading Little House in the Big Woods to Kenna, and last night we began Little House on the Prairie.  Arden and I are about to enter Mirkwood Forest in The Hobbit, and the older three just found out that Professor Slughorn is not, in fact, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher as they had assumed prior to last night's reading of the 6th Harry Potter book.

Friends have come to spend various parts of the day here with us, helping feed the kids lunch, oversee kid activities, and visit with me during quieter moments.  We've enjoyed a variety of meals, from stuffed pasta shells to burritos to roasted chicken with homemade mac-n-cheese.  We've been so blessed by the prayers, encouragement, and practical help coming from local friends and church family.  While part of me is chafing to get up and MOVING again, another part of me is so grateful for the opportunity to see the Body of Christ at work and to just be still and enjoy the precious gifts God has already given me.  I'm eager to meet the new little gift He has been growing inside of me...but I'm praying I can be content and wait for God's perfect timing!

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