July 08, 2013

Adventures in Hospital Showering

After a short night (WHAT was going on in the hall outside my hospital room?!), I found myself lying awake at 5am unable to get back to sleep.  Having spent the past 36+ hours in the same hospital gown, I found myself longing for a shower.  I knew it would be an ordeal, but I finally gave up trying to get back to sleep and made preparations...

1. Of course I still had to deal with my IV. I decided to take off my hospital gown as best as I could and loop it over the rack, so that I didn't have to thread the whole unit through the sleeve somehow; also, that would make it easier to put back on when I was done.

2. Italian showers are TINY! I barely could squeeze my preggo belly through the doors.

3. When I turned on the water, it shot EVERYWHERE! I twisted it a bit to get the odd random streams to stop shooting over the top of the shower walls, but then the shower stream itself was out of control--crazy hard pressure. By that point I was committed, though!

4. I discovered that Ted had managed to pack me two bottles of conditioner...and no shampoo.

5. The IV is in my right arm...which is a bit tender, of course, so being right-handed, getting through the whole process was harder.

6. When I finished, I discovered that not only was the floor right outside the shower door a giant puddle, but there was water ALLLLL over the door and walls from the random streams! I had to use one of the towels just to mop up all the mess! My non-Old-Navy flip flops were also soaked.

7. However, I feel much cleaner!!

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