June 25, 2012

Goodbye, Cast!

Wednesday, June 20

The main event of the day was going to Colorado Springs to get Kenna's cast taken off at the medical center on the USAFA campus.  Since Kenna was unable to bear all her weight on her wrists, she still needs to wear a splint and have a follow-up appointment once we get home, but we're happy she has the freedom to take the splint off if/when we go swimming.  Now...please pray that she doesn't re-injure the wrist in the meantime!  Charis noticed the difference in size between her arms--Kenna's right arm is a little chicken wing after 3 weeks in a cast!

Speaking of chicken, we made a quick trip to the Garden of the Gods after the cast removal, trying to hurry so we could meet Joel's family at Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  Unfortunately, the traffic gods were not on our side, and we missed them completely--but we still enjoyed a CFA dinner (thanks, Rhonda!) and got home at a reasonable hour!

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Anonymous said...

We ate at the Chick-Fil-A by the Air Force Academy also! The traffic was crazy, and the restaurant was busy! I have never seen a fast food restaurant so crowded! Glad you're having a good trip!